About Southern Michigan Pain Consultants

SMPC physicians have trained specifically in Pain Management and/or Pain Medicine beyond their medical specialty. Our physicians have completed advanced training in pain management through Pain Fellowships and are very familiar with spine related pain conditions among others. Their primary medical specialty may be Anesthesiology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and/or Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.

Our physicians work with each patient to find the best methods to reduce their pain and improve their daily function.

Our comprehensive approach to pain care offers patients renewed hope for relief from their struggle with chronic pain. Our philosophy is that chronic pain should be treated as other chronic medical condition such as diabetes, asthma or congestive heart failure.


Southern Michigan Pain Consultants comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to pain care offers patients and providers renewed hope for relief from chronic pain. Chronic pain should be treated like other chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma or congestive heart failure. Chronic pain requires chronic treatment. The goal of treatment is to optimize management of the pain, as opposed to curing the pain.

What is Comprehensive Pain Management

At SMPC, we offer those living with chronic pain multiple avenues for managing pain at the source rather than just managing the symptoms. We do this by; listening to the patient’s description of the pain problem, diagnostic tests & reports, other physician’s notes, previous types of treatments used along with the expertise of the types of treatments that have helped other patients reporting similar pain. Our pain physicians know that pain impacts each person in a unique way. Each patients pain management plan is based on their specific needs.

Effective pain management programs must provide pain care for patients and their families through the integration of medical, diagnostic and therapeutic services, functional rehabilitation, behavioral management and educational programs. These are the methods that give patients the best ability to get back to the basics of their life and enjoy them.The goal of treatment is to optimize management of the pain, as opposed to curing the pain. We use the best methods to manage a person’s chronic pain by treating them as a whole.

Who We Treat

Southern Michigan Pain Consultants, PC, treats people living with a chronic pain condition. Many of SMPC’s patients have experienced pain with little or no successful treatment for five or more years prior to seeking treatment.

SMPC is prepared to approach these patients in a variety of ways. Treatment with our practice may involve injections, medications, behavioral medicine, physical therapy and/or Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. Often it is a combination of these techniques that brings the best results. Since opening our first pain clinic in 2000, SMPC has used a multidisciplinary approach to pain problems, and our recommendations are always based on a thorough assessment of the patient’s current health and goals for improvement.