Physical Therapy SMPC

A Physical Therapist is educated to understand the interaction of all the body parts. With this knowledge, they begin with a thorough examination to diagnose the problem and begin treatment. A Physical Therapist teaches you how to improve your body awareness. Manual therapy combined with therapeutic exercises helps you to relax better, and move more freely for longer periods. SMPC’s Physical Therapist Laythen Young advises on proper posture & body movement at home and in the work place, treating injuries, consulting on fitness, strength and endurance training. Ask your Pain Specialist if your pain management program should include PT.

The following list contains a few of the most common ailments PT can treat:

  • Neuromusculoskeltal pain and dysfunction
  • Neck & Back pain and dysfunction
  • Pelvic pain and dysfunction
  • Upper extremity pain and dysfunction
  • Lower extremity pain and dysfunction
  • Jaw pain and headache

Goals of Physical Therapy:

  • Relieve pain and discomfort
  • Decrease Impairment and dysfunction
  • Improve or maintain function
  • Prevent or minimize disability
  • Educate the patient to be effective in self management